The Sling Shot Camera: Capture The Real Expression

Getting a picture of your friends showing off their real emotions is extremely hard; they always fake their smiles and expressions. How many times have you scrolled through 300 different pictures on facebook only to realize your friend’s expression never changes? Thanks to the Sling Shot Camera, we can now capture their emotions and expressions at just the right time.

The whole “I’m not photogenic” or the even more classic one “I don’t do photos, I’m to shy” comes up as soon as a person pulls out a camera. Some of the best memories I’ve had with people are, are just that, memories because as soon as someone pulled out a camera, we all became that fake smiling person that everyone can see on facebook. So how can we become more “animated” when we’re taking a picture? Well, we could record everything using a miniature camera, OR we could go out and buy the Sling Shot Cam!

Wouldn’t it be great to take a completely random picture of your friend that captures, Shock, Fear, Humor, Laughter, and Happyness all at the same time? That’s what this sling shot camera is all about.

Just point the sling shot at your unsuspecting victim, pull the elastic band back like you are about to shoot out some sort of projectile and then watch them duck for cover and scream, and snap that picture! The camera was created by Designers: Sung Young Um & Jung Eun Yim Via: Yanko Design, the photos below talk show us what it’s all about.