Play Stations New Ad Campaign ‘Long Live Play’

Sony was getting a lot of bad rep for a little while following the PSN Network hacks, then changing the TOS so people can’t sue them, amongst other things. But somehow, they managed to pull them selves through at the end. I understand how businesses work, and a business the size of Sony has several levels of “catastrophic” recovery plans in place. These are the plans that keep a company afloat when they get hit with a mayor problem. So, I wasn’t to surprised when they started to pull back through, I was just a little surprised at how fast they achieved it.

I’m not a play station fan by any means, the PlayStation I do have doesn’t even belong to me, it was borrowed from a friend that had one too many in his video game arsenal. But this new video campaign that Sony just launched seems to be pretty awesome. It’s a tribute to “Michael” an anonymous gamer that has led every character into victory. This video gave me a new found respect for Sony.

This is definitely and awesome campaign that is going to take Sony pretty far. Just some things to point out though, not all the commercial actors are the voice actors of the game characters:  For example, that’s not Nolan North. The actors look very similar but if you look at small inconsistencies you can tell who’s playing the real actor and who isn’t. Overall… this video is… something else.