Fake Speed Camera Birdhouse Pisses off Town Council

Have you ever heard of Ian Magee? he’s a guy out in England who faked a speed camera because of people speeding at almost twice the posted speed limit. Even thought the stunt worked, the city want’s him to take it down because it’s cluttering the street.

But, thanks to an endangered bat species, the camera looks like it will haveĀ  to stay, at least until the law changes.

Apparently, according to the Ian, people were speeding through his street at all times of day and night. So he went out to the store, and made a bird feeder that resembles the speed cameras found around England towns. He then placed the speed “feed” camera on a very conspicuous spot on his property and watched as hundreds of drivers, including of duty police offers, slowed down after seeing the camera.

Even thought the local police department stated that they don’t have a problem, the town council said it’s “unnecessary clutter.” Ian argued that the feeder is inside his property so the council shouldn’t have a problem, unfortunately the council has more power and told him he has to take it down.

Well, thanks to a law that protects endangered species of animals, Ian may have the last laugh. Apparently some endangered Pipistrelle Bats have taken residence inside the Speed “Feed” Camera. So it actually makes it illegal to disturb their home. Soooo, it looks like the council will have to cope with his fake camera for the mean time, at least until the bats decide to move, or find a new camera to go and live on.

Daily Mail, via Treehugger