Recycled Beer Can Furniture

Recycling things is great, it’s an awesome thing for the environment, and many people now days seem to be recycling things and turning them into awesome works of art. This is perhaps the most awesome way at being creative. We need of these recycling McGyvers in the world, the ones that can turn a beer can into just about anything they desire, in this case, a table and a chair.

What makes recycled art so special is the fact that these people start from scratch, literally, every single thing they find on the road has a purpose, they sometimes collect thousands of items and they use EVERY one of them.

Take this art piece for example, it was created by Neokentin. It’s basically a chair and a table created out of 353 beer cans. This looks quite amazing, but the only thing that I’m asking my self is, how many drunk sittings can this table and chair take? I know that cylinders are very durable, but 180 pounds can easily crush one of the cans. I guess as long as they sit normal the chair shouldn’t have any serious problems.