Miniature Robot with Camera wants to Navigate through your Bowels!

For the most part, growing older is a sing of Maturity, and and if you play your cards right you get called a Master… but on the other part, you have to start to going to the doctor to see if you suffer from Colon Cancer, or Prostate Cancer. I don’t know about you, but getting your colon looked at doesn’t sound to be the most pleasant experience in the world, but this new device from Japanese researchers could make things a bit better when that day comes.

The device is a the worlds’ first self propelled endoscopy robot, it actually swims through your digestive tract using a mermaid like tail, it then swims through your entire body in a matter of hours.  It is piloted via a Joystick and it has a video camera to show the “user” what it sees. It’s like a mini submarine that can travel both ways, up your track, and down your track… so yes, it does go against the digestive track…

The researches are hoping that this new camera will entice more of the male population to visit the doctor for routine check ups before it’s to late.

Source: AFP via Pop Sci