The 700 WTF Rifle Talk About Overkill

If you’ve ever shot a .50 caliber rifle then you know that you just shot one hell of a bullet that can take just about anything it touches down. If you’ve shot an Elephant gun, then you know that you’ve shot something equally as powerful. But if you’ve shot the .70-caliber hand canon, then you know that those guns are for first graders – this gun can punch a hole through Godzilla him self!

This rifle was made by JTCustomKnives, they used a .700 lead cast bullet fitted inside a .50 BMG brass case. The rounds exit the rifle at about 2300 feet per second, and have enough power behind the bullet to pierce through a quarter inch of steel plating. The riffle is a single shot rifle, so it’s not going to be that reliable in battle, unless you’re going against Michael Myers or that cop from the Terminator.

The riffle is a little difficult to reload, unlike the .50 caliber rifles that have are designed as bolt action, the 700 rifle requires you to quite literally insert the bullet through the rear of the barrel.

First time shoulder firing my monster creation. this is with .700 cal slugs that weigh 1132gr which means you only get 6 boolits out of a pound of lead. this slug was loaded with what i would consider a mid level load at about 1600fps starting and up around 1800fps towards the end. This can and will be loaded up to 2300fps in the future. the recoil energy of this rifle without the break is around 150 ft/lbs.

The Firearm Blog via Gizmodo