Rogue Touch Pocket Watch Combines Retro With The Future

Every year some new designer starts to pull out new watches, but most importantly, they pull out new watches that have interesting displays. I love watches, the more functions it has the better, but I also love watches that are unique and different from everything else there is. In my opinion, the more complicated the watch, the less likely is going to get stolen. The video at the top shows you the different functions of the watch and the different colors they come in.

The Rouge Touch Pocket Watch comes from Tokyoflash and is one of the coolest looking watches I’ve seen. UFunk featured this Kisai Rouge Touch Pocket watch because it merges a classic watch with the new and innovative LED Screen design. The whole watch is controlled via a touch screen – you can press the screen to unlock it, and rotate the center of the screen to set the hours, and the dates.

This Retro looking watch is going to set you back about $169 bucks, but it’s going to be awesome. Not only is it cool looking, but once you get used to the user interphase pictured below, you’ll be able to read the time in a matter of minutes.