Microsoft’s Program Manager hires Teens to build a nuclear reactor

You guy’s have heard that hole mess about child labor laws, children working in horrible conditions in China, making shoes, or melting metal etc? well this post has nothing to do about those laws.

Instead it has to do about Carl Greninger a guy who works at Microsoft’s IT Operations as a Project Manager, Carl hired a group of teens between the ages of 13-17 to help him build a Nuclear Reactor. Carl is the closest thing that we have right now to “Doc Brown” except he actually has a Mr. Fusion, and his actually works, and he’s not as crazy as Doc Brown.

Anyways, Carl wanted to save a buck or two and instead of hiring engineers, he hired the students to help him make the Farnsworth Fusor – here is how it works, unlike most controlled fusion systems, which slowly heat a magnetically confined plasma, the fusor injects “high temperature” ions directly into a reaction chamber, thereby avoiding a considerable amount of complexity. The approach is known as inertial electrostatic confinement…

Sounds Complicated? well, apparently they are not that hard to make, the Fusor has been made by several hobbyist in the past so I’m sure that Carl could have made his own. This was more of a “learning” experience to the teens and their parents. The teens learned how to make a reactor with hands on experience, while the parents learned that when an older balding male is asking to borrow your children for a “special” project in his garage is not always a bad thing. I for one, still would never trust anyone like that with my future children.

Carl and his team are listed as being in “The Neutron Club“, which means they have built an operating neutron producing fusion system, with two of the 13 year old members on his team being listed as “Youngest Fusioneer”.

Via: Chanel9