Giant Yellow Floating Ball: Perfect Shelter for Next Natural Disaster

2011 has been a horrible year for natural disasters, we had tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, you name it we had it. 2012 is not going to be any better with the whole end of the world coming in at the end of December. Basically, we have nature trying to kill us every step of the way since were born.

It’s no surprise people are looking for ways to keep them safe when the end of the world hits. But if you’re smart and have any sense in your brain, than you should look into buying the Noah Disaster Shelter, which is a giant yellow ball that looks like a pokeball. This ball is so big that can fit 4 people inside it. There is a pole in the center of the ball to hold on to while you’re bouncing around the world.

The ball costs $3,900, but the manufacturers claim that this ball will keep you safe during any disaster. The disaster ball is created by New Cosmo Power, a company that designs nothing but disaster relief products. The ball can withstand hits, it’s water proof, it floats, and it has pillows inside the ball. Hey, it’s the most comfortable place you’ll be during the middle of a tsunami.