Why Are we Going to Start Towing Icebergs to Africa?

There are countries currently in need of fresh water, so much in fact, that were going to  have to tow giant pieces of ice to get the people the water they need. We really don’t have that much fresh water in the world, but it’s estimated that Antarctica alone holds over 70% of our fresh water supply, so when I heard that we were actually going to carry giant pieces of ice to Africa in order to give water to over One Million thirsty people, I thought it was the best idea in the world… but how will they do it?

Well, here is how it works. You get an extremely powerful boat, then you go out to Antarctica and lasso a giant iceberg. Then you tow the iceberg to what ever country is in need of fresh water. Once at that location, you get to work by chopping down the ice into smaller chunks using chainsaws and ice picks. The people in charge of this iceberg operation claim that a 30 million ton iceberg can keep about 500,000 people thirst-free for an entire year.

I know what you’re probably thinking — if you start carrying pieces of ice cubes from Antarctica, we’ll eventually start to accumulate a whole bunch of water out in the middle of the tropics where it will turn into a cloud, and then rain, and then before you know it we’ll have 30 Million tons of fresh water EXTRA raining down each year we bring a cube to Africa eventually damaging our ecosystem. But really, that already happens anyway, huge pieces of icebergs break off from Antarctica every day and they just go around floating aimlessly until they completely melt. These guys will jump in before it melts and tow it away to the desired location.

Hopefully by next year, we’ll be able to harvest the first glacier, they think that a 100 million ton iceberg could be harvested for about $100 Million dollars, or about $60 a year for 1.5 million people in need of fresh water. I’m sure we can find better ways of getting fresh water to the people in need, but this is a very cool start.

Via Physorg