How to Make Flower Grenades for the Eco Friendly Terrorists

Have you ever been driving down the road and you see a vacant field that is full of weeds and trash and makes everything look unappealing? What’s even worse is that no one seems to be taking care of it at all.Well, now you can do something about it without suffering the risk of getting arrested.

Just throw in Grenades to change the appearance of the field! No I’m not talking about explosive grenades, I’m talking about Flower Grenades. The grenades are made out of clay and crack open upon impact releasing hundreds of flower seeds.3 days later, the clay will dissolve in the rain erasing the evidence of your attack!

The grenades were designed by Suck UK to add flowers to a derelic urban space, you can buy them for about $20.00 and in less than 3 weeks you will have your very own field of flowers growing on that ugly patch field. However! if you want to make your own hand grenades, Kablammo made his very own hand grenades over at instructables.com Check him out and with less than $10 you can make your very own 6 Pack of seed-grenades! You’re going to need the following items in order to create your own seed grenade. Before you head over to Instructables, make sure that you collect the following items and Tools:

1) Clay working tools
2) A spoon
3) Gloves (optional but nice)

1) A ball of air hardening clay
2) A selection of seeds
3) Compost
4) Paint (optional)