New UPS trucks are made out of Plastic

A standard delivery looking truck from UPS right?  It’s actually made out of plastic, it’s also extremely fuel efficient and above all, it’s recyclable.

The body panels for the truck are made out of ABS Plastic instead of the current aluminum that most trucks are currently made out of. The plastic fleet of UPS trucks are actually getting 1000 pounds lighter, a lighter truck means less power to move the truck so they are using smaller truck engines. UPS is hoping that the light weight, and the less powerful trucks will save up to 40% of it’s fuel, which is a huge impact on a company as big as UPS, 40% is the equivalent of 84 Million gallons of fuel each year. You multiply that by our average of $4 per gallon and that’s a $336 Million in savings.

The best part of the trucks is the ability for the trucks to be recycled, once the truck goes out of commission they can replace the truck fairly cheaply and they can use the plastic to make other products or parts for other trucks. So instead of cluttering our junk yards, we can have a new production of Solo Cups. Sweet Move UPS, welcome to the Green Era!

Via: Fast Company