MIT researchers create flexible solar cell panels

I’m really getting tired of these MIT people coming up every other week creating awesome looking and awesome working devices, gadgets, and other technological advancements etc. Okay, so maybe I’m a little jealous, but still. The Smart Masses at MIT have actually created a type of Solar Panel that is flexible, meaning that you could, theoretically, hang them from your windows like curtains and quite literally generate power for your home.

So how was it made? well, they actually used liquids and high temperatures at about 120 degrees Celsius or so, and they printed out an array of photovoltaic cells onto regular pieces of cloth or plastic. In layman’s terms, they created liquid solar cells and stuck them onto a piece of cloth. So while this is an awesome project, the cloth is only about 1% effective, so it’s not that great but it’s definitely a start. The researchers are hoping that in the future they will be able to have a more efficient cloth that will supply energy to homes, or vehicles as it’s needed by the public.