A House to build a Dream on

20 minutes outside of San Jose, Costa Rica happily sits a home made from the forgotten and disregarded husks belonging to once-in-use shipping containers.

Now, ‘why live in a shipping container’ you ask? Well, LOOK AT THIS THING! Not only does it look quite cool and dandy, it also is very cheap to set-up for habitation. The final costs for this very comfortable home were $40,000; less than it costs to provide the very poor with housing in Costa Rica through their social housing program.

That roof? Get this; the scrap metal from making the windows.

It gets better. The cross ventilation that the shipping containers windows create means that the A/C is hardly, if ever, turned on to provide cooling for the home in Costa Roca, which experiences a very intense tropical climate.

Source, ArchDaily, Via WidgetToad