The Wrong Number Calculator

How much do you love your accounting department? Do you want to add a couple of random numbers to their accounts? well, the wrong number calculator will get the job done for you. I’m sure this would be considered sabotage and you probably would be dismissed from your duties. But it’s worth the fun and giggles. The calculator costs $7 US Dollars and will never come out to the correct answer.

Just make sure you don’t give this to your financing department unless you want to see a paycheck that fluctuates between 100 to 1000 dollars. I’m pretty positive that someone with an iQ higher than a 5th grader could figure out that 2+2 does not = 6, but if you’ve ever been in the accounting department of a company you’ll see that most of the time the accountant never looks at the screen since they are so used to the position of the numbers.  Which would make this calculator perfect for them!

Source:  Red5 via Technabob