This Paper Weight will Notify you When the ISS is Over your Shoulders

The Space Station is awesome, we have finally finalized it… allegedly, even thought that smaller additions will be made in the future it’s not going to be anything to drastic.

But now that it’s finalized, what does it mean? well… to normal citizens like you and me, it means absolutely nothing, unless you are taking your child out to the back woods for star gazing gambling your chances at getting the opportunity of seeing the station.

If you don’t want to gamble your chances and you want a definite answer as to when the station is floating over heads, then Nathan Bergey has you covered. He designed a paper weight that actually lights up when the Space station is over your shoulders.  Nathan said the project started as a simple weekend project because he thought it would be cool. He finished the project in only 4 days! The responses were overwhelming. Everyone began to ask for one and thanks to Kickstarter, now you to can have one.

So if you want to get your child involved with space exploration and really want to amaze them, or even if you just want to have a fun little gadget in the office that blinks several times a day when the station is flying over you, then you need to check out the video below to see this in action! Then head on over to Kickstarter.com to learn more about the project and help Nathan bring this to life!