How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger – LED Eye Lashes Of Course!

By know, were all to familiar with the crazy concepts that Japan, Korea, China, and any other Asian country pulls out of their magical hat. But when it comes to the extremes that we go to achieve the perfect ideal look of beauty, we tend to come up with some, not so practical gadgets. At least these light-up eyelashes  aren’t permanent.

In a unique response to what they call the “big eye obsession,” this designer/artist named  Soomi Park  created a set of light-up lashes that are designed to open up smaller eye shapes. The whole idea behind the LED Lashes is to make people with little eyes, appear as if they are coming out of an Anime cartoon, where the characters have eyes the size of oranges.

But instead they look like a refugee from a sci-fi Cosplay convention. Using a mercury device that senses inclination attached to an earpiece, Park’s battery-powered lashes react to eye and head movement and flicker accordingly. So they are pretty cool when it comes to electronics, but from the video I posted above, they just look out of place and weird…