Guy makes an Iron Man repulsor beam powerful enough to catch things on fire!

Every day some other die hard fan of the Iron Man series pops up into the internet with their new Tony Stark Invention. They have created awesome things, from full out Iron Man suits, to now a working repulsion beam. Patrick Priebe created  a beam that he can actually wear on his hand. At 1,000 milliwatts, this laser is powerful enough to blind you, even powerful enough to catch matches on fire.

Okay, so maybe he’s not going to be able to jump around making holes in your walls, but this is still really cool. He used a two millimeter sheet of bras that he cut into a C-Shape to make it fit into his hand. He then used a Casio projector laser diode and a lithium battery to make a matchstick destroyer run effectively for up to three minutes! That’s more than enough time to do some serious damage, like “scorch balloons, wood, CD case, or even a piece of raw chicken” not to mention, go out to a crowd of people and blond them.

Even if it’s probably 1 million times WEAKER than the Tony Stark’s weapon,¬† it’s still really cool!

Via PopSci