New Wi-Fi Standard 822.22 has a Range of 62 Miles!

I generally work around my home town out of my car when I’m doing surveillance or an investigation, most of the time, I have to use my cellphone as a modem. The only problem is that the phone slows down as I lose bars etc. How awesome would it be that you can take your laptop anywhere in town and get your home internet connection from up to 40 miles away? Well, if the new standard for Wi-Fi 802.22 goes through, we’ll be able to have just that. I do see one small problem with this though, you will have hundreds of different connections available for you, and looking for your connection the first time, might beĀ  a pain in the rear.

This new standard will be able to offer internet on a 12,000 square mile from just a single base station, ATT, Verizon, or any other internet provider could cover an entire city, or blanket neighborhoods with a simple tower. Hopefully, we’ll be able to drop all these charges for tethering from a phone. Heck, we’ll even be able to use our cellphones for free if we use Google Voice or Skype…. unless the providers add restrictions.

Just because this new standard is coming out soon, it doesn’t mean that your old 802.11 modem will be rendered obsolete, it is very unlikely that they will stop working right away. This new change can be compared to the same change analog TV’s went through a while back.

This new .22 spectrum will be able to operate in ranges from 54MHz to 698MHz, this is the same frequency that television companies use for long range transmissions. If everything goes according to plan, we’ll be able to have 22Mbps from up to 62 miles away! Since this new frequency has been approved, this means, tech companies will be able to start throwing out new devices with this new receiver. So come on!! I can’t wait…

Via Ars