RFID chip tracks the food inside you – tells you when it’s almost “done”

We have seen a tremendous advancement on RFID Chips, they went from Giant stickers found in the back of your pocket jeans down to a small tag, then Hotels began to use them to prevent towel stealing, and now Hannes Harms a student at Royal College of Art in London wants to turn them into a small pellet to track your digestive system.

Harms wants to add a small pellet to every item of food there is, so next time you eat a sandwich or a hotdog it will be implanted with an edible food tracking system, at least that’s the idea behind NutriSmart. The trackers will allow you to track every single part of your digestive chain. It will supply important information about your food, like how many calories you have eaten, how much of that turns into fat, and even how full your stomach is. If you look at the picture above, that “eater’s” stomach is 9% full of Maki Sushi.

The cool part about Harm’s prototype, is that it tracks EVERY part of the digestive cycle, now you can be with your friends at a restaurant and when they ask you if you want to go and hang out in the woods, 2 hours away from any public facility, you can easily look at a phone app and calculate when your next “outing” will be happening. No more getting caught off guard!

Aside from that, Harm’s prototype extends beyond “medical” monitoring. It has the ability to be equipped into pantries, refrigerators, storage units, etc. and the chip will alert you when your food stock is about to go bad, or when you are running low on a food item.

Add the Chip on a plate, and now you effectively turn the NutriSmart system into an “invisible diet management system” and a reader will tell you exactly how far that food traveled before it arrived to your table, it will tell you calorie information, how fresh the food is, and weather or not you have enough room in your stomach to digest the food, it will do all of this via a bluetooth connection.

This could be good for dieting, it will help you visualize where everything is in your body and weather it’s a good thing or not. But to be honest, I wouldn’t eat it for the dieting, i’d just eat it to play around with the app and use it more as a novelty. I don’t really care how far my food traveled to get to my plate, nor do I care how many calories it has, I just care when it’s going to be “ready” so I don’t get caught with my pants down… literally.

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/24332950 w=500&h=310] NutriSmart from HannesRemote on Vimeo.