iPhone 4S Shot With a .50 Caliber Sniper Riffle

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that when there is a new gadget or device that is released, someone actually finds a way to destroy it. Either they go to the top of a building and drop their new gadget from the roof, or they run over it with a Ferrari, or like this guy Richard “RatedRR” Ryan, who decided that it would be way cooler to shoot his iPhone 4S with a .50 caliber rifle.┬áRyan used armor piercing incendiary rounds fired out of his .50 cal. To test and see if his 4S was strong enough to handle the pressure.

“Siri, are you bulletproof?”

Its response? “No comment.”

If you’re wondering why people like to destroy their new devices as soon as they come out is because of the revenue they make from their videos. At the end of the video you can hear the kid saying “spending that Google money” when a video goes viral, you can apply for a revenue sharing program. Remember that one video of the crazy girlfriend that broke the PS3? they made couple of thousand dollars from that video. It’s pretty simple actually, you buy a device for 400, break it, make 2,000 from the video revenue, go out and buy a new one and you make a 1,200 profit. This video is pretty sweet though. I think I enjoyed the gun more than the phone.

RatedRR, via Geekologie