How Big is Hurricane Irene Really?

Regardless of what you have been told, Irene is a HUGE hurricane,the picture above was taken by the NOAA-GOES-13 satellite earlier today and was uploaded onto Flickr by Nasa.

According to NASA the current diameter of Irene is 510 miles, or just about 1/3 or the entire US Atlantic coastline, so this is going to be a massive storm. The Hurrican was downgraded from a category 3 to a category 2, but this doesn’t mean anything to special, it just means that instead of impacting your home at 115 mph, it’s going to hit you at about 105 mph. It’s currently moving towards the NY area at a rate of 14-15 mph.

I’m glad that we live in Texas, and for the first time in a while we’re not getting hit through he Gulf of Mexico. All of you guys in NY and the Easter Coast, good luck and we’ll pray for you.