Understanding The Sony Hack: Using an Infograph

Were humans, and unfortunately we don’t have a way of seeing what happens or happened in a disaster, like the Joplin MO Street view before and after the tornado incident, unless someone has a graph and practically details everything step by step. So when the Sony Hack went down on April 20, millions of Gamers were left puzzled as to what exactly happened when they were cut off from accessing the PSN Store, and a host of other services.

This security breach that lands in second costliest breaches in recent Internet history next to the 7-11 hack left players, gamers, and citizen scratching their heads coming up with their own scenarios.

Unlike shady websites found throughout the internet that ask for your Credit Card information to verify your age so you can play the next Demo of Super Mario World, or so you can see who is spying on your facebook profile. When a security breach happens at a major corporation like Sony, or Amazon, the damages are tremendous, and the losses are counted in the Billions of Dollars, and even the owners of the companies sit there scratching their heads pointing fingers at everyone.


When sony was attacked on April 17th the extent of the breach wasn’t discovered until April 19th, by then over 77 Million credit car numbers and user information were stolen from the PSN, At first it was supposed to be a simple fix, but after Sony failed to repair the damages they were forced to fix the entire network from the ground up.


The players, and victims had notes full of questions about the incident and unless you followed the news every step of the way, it would take a novel to really explain what happened. In it’s simplest form, hackers attacked Sony, using Amazon, and Sony lost Billions of dollars… that’s really what happened, but still it doesn’t answer every question. However, with the help of CreditCardFiner.com we now have an easy to read info-graphic, so you can follow the events as they happened. – Click on the image to enlarge just in case you have problems reading it.