Are Star Wars Costumes imitating 1800’s fire fighter uniforms?

The Star Wars series have been credited for pioneering the “future” tech advancements, like the light sabers, everyone has been so thrilled about the Star War producers being so “unique” but did they take the costume idea from someone else? In the 1800s firefighters actually dressed a lot like Darth Vader, the weirdly shaped helmet and all, the helmet was actually made out of cast iron to protect the fire fighters from their fire nemesis.

According to¬† Collectors Weekly, the 1800’s firefighter masks came with a 13 meter air tubing to force air into the masks to keep the firefighter operating with fresh air. The two masks below were designed by Germany and France, the black one came from Germany, while the brass one came from Paris, both look “alien” to me and have a striking resemblance to Star Wars characters, I have no idea as to what the designers of the mask were thinking by creating these, regardless of how thick your head is covered with iron cast metal, I’m sure people died due to heat strokes or something else. Visit Bit Rebels for more interesting articles like this one.