Man Builds plane in basement, then has to knock down walls to get it out.

One of the main rules to remember when it comes to building things inside your basement is to always build what ever you are building small enough to get it out the front door. While most of us make simple projects like, a book shelf for the wife, or a table, or even have small hobbies like building Nuclear Reactors, or small RC Planes. Dan Reeves however, a guy from Pennsylvania built a Plane… for 9 years straight, he worked day and night to put together a Van’s RV-7A airplane kit in his basement.

That’s pretty impressive, it takes a very smart person to get one going, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out… if you are going to build a plane, you need to have a door.

After Dan completed the airplane that can take two people as high as 25,000 feet, he realized he had a huge problem… his plane was stuck inside 4 walls. His only option was to hire a group of contractors to destroy his back yard, and tear down a wall to get his priced possession out of the basement. The contractor built a ramp so Dan and a hand full of his friends can pull out his plane… Then he met the second obstacle, he was in the middle of a neighborhood, and still needs to get his plane approved by the FAA.

I think I’m going to start my own Car Kit project on the second story of my home, it’s going to be epic! I’ll need a hellicopter to come and tear a hole in my home’s roof to pull the car out, sure I saved money making the car, but how much money will I lose tearing down the home? better yet, how much money did Dan lose building a ram, and shredding down his basement door?

Moral of the story, when you’re building something in a confined space, make sure the door is big enough to get it out.

Via: Gizmodo