Fluorescent Green Goo Spills In Dallas

Someone needs to see if any pizza eating turtles were found in this green goo! Not like it would of done anything serious, but everyone started to panic over the images above.

Earlier in the week some bright green substance started to flow out of Medical City Dallas Hospital and began to flow down into a drainage ditch that emptied into the White Rock Creek out in North Dallas. Of course, people freaked the heck out and everyone started to call the police, eventually the fire department showed up and concluded that the chemical was a green dye. After conducting several hours of investigation they figured out that the dye was being used to test for plumbing leaks in the hospital’s cooling tower No. 3. The dye is 100% non-toxic, this is the same dye that’s used to color the rivers in St. Patrick’s Day via WFAA

Pink Goop Beef Is Not Good For Fast Food: USDA Buys 7 Million Pounds to Feed Kids

A while back McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and just about any other major fast food chain that used the Pink Goop said they were going to stop using the Goop after everyone started to express concerns about the safety – blah blah blah – and their Nutritional facts – blah blah blah – and something along the lines of – It’s not real meat. But while the goop is not good enough for the General public, the USDA in the other hand thinks it’s still healthy. As a matter of fact, they think it’s so healthy that they are going to feed it to the children.

The Pink Goop, which not even dogs enjoy on the regular basis, is actually made of of “beef trimmings” which are the undesirable, leftover crap of cows that no one want’s to eat. They take those trimmings and then grind them together to make “meat looking patties” after they are soaked in Ammonia Hydroxide to kill off bacteria and infections etc.

The USDA is basically taking these trimmings and giving them to the schools – Since the schools already have low budgets, this may sound like a good idea. But this crap is so gross that not even McDonald’s thinks it’s good enough for their 99cent burgers! When McDonald’s starts to have better food than our schools, you know we’re in some deep trouble. I love the radio/video segment above, it’s goes into a lot of detail of what’s going on in this issue.

Carl Custer, a 35-year veteran of Food Safety Inspection Service, told The Daily:

“We originally called it soylent pink. We looked at the product and we objected to it because it used connective tissues instead of muscle. It was simply not nutritionally equivalent [to ground beef]. My main objection was that it was not meat.”

But even after all that started to circulate the news, the USDA is still buying 7 million pounds of the goop to put out in the schools:  The Daily,


WineRack Flask-Bra – Turns Your A Cups Into D Cups a Wine Bottle at a Time!

Turn an A cup in to double D’s AND sport your favorite beverage for yourself and your friends! Better than a Boob Job and Cheaper Too! Not to mention the savings on overpriced drinks! – No, this headline is not a joke. It is in fact dead serious. One might even call it. . . as dead serious as a boob job?!

What we’re talking about is the WineRack-Flask Bra. Effectively, this is a sports bra that any wine-o of a woman would give her right boob up for. Whether you’re speed walking with your wine-o best friend or going out for a night with your lady friends, or even your guy friends too, just fill it with the liquid of your choice in comparative relevance to the breast size of your desire, pop this sucker on under your shirt, and you’re good to go all night. Or, at the very least, until you drink all your boob juice. For the low low price of 29.99 you can have your very own juice carrier that can hold 64 shots, 7 beers, or 3 bottles of wine, plenty of juice to be the center of attention. Check out this video to see a similar product for guys – not as cool though.

So the way I see this, you’re essentially saving yourself what could be hundreds of dollars on drinks for a wild weekend, and potentially earning your fair share of admiring looks from the fella’s before they realize you’re just another wine-o. In case you saw a possible flaw for this product, its inflation size is not completely dependent on how full of liquid it is. Just a few blows into the straw keeps the party going. And if you think this product is on the creepy side of the fence, try rethinking it, after all, who doesn’t love boob juice that isn’t milk?!

Sprinkles’ Cupcake ATM

Imagine a world where fresh food is delivered straight from an ATM-vending machine. Well, that is not the case quite yet, but Sprinkles Cupcakes has taken a step in that direction. On Tuesday, the store opened a 24-hour vending machine in front of its Beverly Hills store. Fresh cupcakes are placed into the machine daily, and people can just order from the screen, swipe, and voila… cupcakes.

The chain plans to place these ATMs at all of their stores across the United States. Each machine will contain around 600 freshly baked cupcakes. Each nicely boxed cupcake will cost $4 compared to the $3.25 unboxed price from the actual store.

The point of the machines was that the stores had to largely increase their hours to keep up with the demand. This helps to make the cupcakes available at all hours for their customers. The idea came to the owner, Candace Nelson, while she was pregnant. “I was pregnant with my second child, and I thought, ‘I’m the owner of a cupcake bakery, and even I can’t get a cupcake in the middle of the night.”

Man Attempts to Break Record for Longest Time Buried Alive and Dies

Janaka Basyanake, 24, from Sri Lanka had to definitely be considered a daredevil. In his third time to bury himself alive, however, the man was unsuccessful.

On Saturday with the help of some friends in the town of Kantale, which is 137 miles north of Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo, Basyanake dug a trench about ten feet deep. At 9:30 that morning he was buried, and when he was brought to the surface at 4:00pm, he was unconscious. He was then brought to the hospital where he was declared “dead on arrival.”

Basyanake’s previous attempts at burying himself alive where obviously successful, and considering one of those tries was for six hours, no one probably thought anything would go wrong this time. Dr. D.G. Kosta at the Kantale Hospital said that a medical investigation will be taking place.

L.D. Leelawathi, Basyanake’s mother, said that her son has always done unusual stunts. Many of the ideas he learned from watching movies. According to the Al Arabiya News, he wrote a letter stating that he was attempting a record and that no one was to blame if “he did not make it out alive.”

Basyanake was a member of the Civil Defense Force, which is a police unit that fought in the country’s 25-year-long civil war.

It is unclear what record Basyanake was trying to break as there is not an official time on record. The Guinness Book of World Records does not have such as record. Geoff Smith from Mansfield, England supposedly spent 150 days buried in a coffin six feet underground under the garden of the Railway Inn.

Redheads Have A Higher Pain Tolerance Than Non Redheads

Well, it turns out that the color of your hair really does make you special. A study revealed that red headed people have a higher pain threshold than people with other hair colors. Not only that, but they can eat spicier foods than the rest of the population – I guess they do have it better than us.

According to Professor Lars Arendt-Nielsen, one of the researchers in the study, they found that red heads’ skin is less sensitive to stinging pain. The researchers tested their skin by placing capsicum, the ingredient that makes peppers hot, under their skin. Nielsen said that it took higher levels of capsicum for the redheads to feel the same pain as a normal person.

There you go, Gingers really are better than us. They either have a special gene that makes us better, or they have gotten so much pain in the past that their bodies learned to tolerate the pain. [Science Nordic]

Why do Women Make Noises During Sex?

When a woman is having sex with her partner, and she’s making noises during the entire act, she’s doing it out of pleasure – unless she’s faking it – but there is something more to those noises. A study conducted by William J. Hamilton and Patricia C. Arrowood revealed that real reason she’s doing it is to call for backup.

The research suggest that women that are loud during sex are actually trying to turn nearby men on in hopes that her moans will increase competition for her body. In other words, the louder she screams, the more competition she’s looking for.

Stuart Semple, a British primatologist (the people who study primates), said that women and female apes make noises as part of an unconscious way to call other males to her before, during, and after sex. This way she can get the best mate to pass on their genes.

Semple told PsychologyToday that after studying hundreds of female baboon mating calls, and calls made during sex, male baboons can gather detailed information about the females ovulation cycle, age, sexual maturity, and even how good the guy they are currently with is at having sex.

In other words, a half assed moan means she doesn’t have the best mate in the sack, but we already knew that right?

Other researchers have been looking at the calls, screams, and moans of actual humans, and while the variations and complexity are not as detailed as those of baboons, they still have some sort of evidence that human females are doing the same thing.

Another reason as to why women scream during sex is to make their mate reach climax faster. We Humans had hundreds of predators when we were still in our primitive stages of life, screaming in a “sexual” manner was a way of the woman saying – Hurry up! Were about to get killed by a tiger! – So the more screaming, the faster the man climaxed.

I guess now days that means, she’s screaming because her husband, parents, or roommates are coming through the front door and she’s trying to get you to hurry, or she’s trying to get the attention of the people around her. Makes you think twice about that copulatory scream coming from the bedroom above you at night uh?

Judge Orders Man To Apologize On Facebook Or Go To Jail

Wow, this is drama that appears to be taken straight out of a high school movie where people complain to the principal over something really stupid. In a remarkable take on Freedom of Speech, an Ohio judge threatened a man with 60 days in jail if he didn’t apologize to his ex-wife for a rant he posted to his Facebook page. But it couldn’t be just a regular apology, the judge actually wrote the apology in paper and gave it to the men to post it.

According to Forbes, Mark Byron was upset about a protective order that ordered him to stay away from his wife and affected custody of his son. So he posted what’s described as a “rant” about the situation on his Facebook page.

I don’t know what’s more embarrassing, having a judge tell you that you have to write out a status where you apologize to your ex-wife, or being the judge and actually having to tell the husband to apologize – then having to write it out. In my opinion, if I’m mad at a person or if a person finds my status offensive, I can say what ever I want thanks to my “Freedom of Speech” and if you don’t like it, you shouldn’t be able to go to to the court and force an apology out of me. Especially if you don’t deserve it.

Here is what the husband said on his status before he had to remove it and update it with an apology:

…if you are an evil, vindictive woman who wants to ruin your husbands life and take your son’s father away from him completely – all you need to do is say that you’re scared of your husband or domestic partner…

Elizabeth Byron, the ex-wife, somehow learned about the post she had been blocked from seeing. She said that it violates Byron’s protective order that keeps him from doing anything that will cause her “physical or mental abuse, harassment, annoyance, or bodily injury.” So she went to the court, which just proves her husband’s status even more. She is a vindictive woman.

Byron was ordered to post a court-written apology on this Facebook page as well as pay his wife’s court costs related to the incident – or go to jail for 60 days. And really, the way the judge wrote the protective order is so vague that anything that he does that causes “annoyance” to his ex-wife will mean he’s going to end up in court.