Redheads Have A Higher Pain Tolerance Than Non Redheads

Well, it turns out that the color of your hair really does make you special. A study revealed that red headed people have a higher pain threshold than people with other hair colors. Not only that, but they can eat spicier foods than the rest of the population – I guess they do have it better than us.

According to Professor Lars Arendt-Nielsen, one of the researchers in the study, they found that red heads’ skin is less sensitive to stinging pain. The researchers tested their skin by placing capsicum, the ingredient that makes peppers hot, under their skin. Nielsen said that it took higher levels of capsicum for the redheads to feel the same pain as a normal person.

There you go, Gingers really are better than us. They either have a special gene that makes us better, or they have gotten so much pain in the past that their bodies learned to tolerate the pain. [Science Nordic]