Why do Women Make Noises During Sex?

When a woman is having sex with her partner, and she’s making noises during the entire act, she’s doing it out of pleasure – unless she’s faking it – but there is something more to those noises. A study conducted by William J. Hamilton and Patricia C. Arrowood revealed that real reason she’s doing it is to call for backup.

The research suggest that women that are loud during sex are actually trying to turn nearby men on in hopes that her moans will increase competition for her body. In other words, the louder she screams, the more competition she’s looking for.

Stuart Semple, a British primatologist (the people who study primates), said that women and female apes make noises as part of an unconscious way to call other males to her before, during, and after sex. This way she can get the best mate to pass on their genes.

Semple told PsychologyToday that after studying hundreds of female baboon mating calls, and calls made during sex, male baboons can gather detailed information about the females ovulation cycle, age, sexual maturity, and even how good the guy they are currently with is at having sex.

In other words, a half assed moan means she doesn’t have the best mate in the sack, but we already knew that right?

Other researchers have been looking at the calls, screams, and moans of actual humans, and while the variations and complexity are not as detailed as those of baboons, they still have some sort of evidence that human females are doing the same thing.

Another reason as to why women scream during sex is to make their mate reach climax faster. We Humans had hundreds of predators when we were still in our primitive stages of life, screaming in a “sexual” manner was a way of the woman saying – Hurry up! Were about to get killed by a tiger! – So the more screaming, the faster the man climaxed.

I guess now days that means, she’s screaming because her husband, parents, or roommates are coming through the front door and she’s trying to get you to hurry, or she’s trying to get the attention of the people around her. Makes you think twice about that copulatory scream coming from the bedroom above you at night uh?