Mountain Lion: ravaging the digital cities of the tech world

The latest launch of Mac OS X Mountain Lion by Apple is loaded with some new features for Apple fans, for the skeptics however, this new operating system does not represent much of a change for iPad and iPhone users, as the new feature has a lot in common with iOS. On the contrary, the change that Microsoft promises to bring this fall, while moving on from Windows 7 to Windows 8 operating system, is expected to be huge as this new version is supposed to be compatible with touch capable tabs along with PCs. Regardless, Apple users will be able to identify a number of iOS features integrated into the Mountain Lion, like AirPlay Mirroring, Notification Center, Reminders, Notes, Messages, Game Center and Dictation.

To upgrade or not to upgrade?

The updates include improvements in the Safari browser along with better incorporation of Twitter and Facebook. The company has put a ‘share’ button in apps throughout the new OS that allows users to share photos, videos, links and documents. It is also the first version of Mac OS to come out since the introduction of iCloud service by Apple. Various users who have upgraded their OS X, remark that the number of changes brought about by Mountain Lion are worth the meager price of $19.99.

For all those users who are looking to upgrade to this OS version it is imperative to note that the device must meet the system requirements, that is, iMac/Macbook Pro dating to mid 2007 and earlier, Mac Pro from early 2008 or before, Mac mini from early 2009 or before and MacBook/MacBook Air prior to late 2008 are not eligible for the upgrade. All others can download the new OS from Mac App Store and upon purchase the OS can be installed on all their personal Macs. The new Macs will obviously have the Mountain Lion pre-installed, while the ones bought since 11th June can enjoy a free upgrade.

New Features

The OS upgrade, as tested, runs smoothly on the compatible Macs taking about 20 minutes. Further operating system updates will be channeled through the Mac App Store instead of Software Update, according to Apple. The AirPlay Mirroring feature, as tested on a MacBook Pro, is capable of allowing a wireless display of the Mac screen on any high definition TV, through an optional Apple TV box. Power Nap, another newly introduced feature is capable of keeping the PC updated with regards to mail messages, calendar, store and other updates secretly while it is on sleep. The iCloud which is Apple’s cloud based service and was launched last fall has nearly 125 million accounts now. In order to set up the service you can simply log in to your computer with your Apple ID and copy your settings, accounts and other work done on various devices to your Mac. Another way to make use of this service is through the Documents In the Cloud feature by storing your documents from different apps supported by the feature. Changes made to the documents from devices using iOS or Mountain Lion are shown when the document is launched from other machines. Naturally, there are others vying to get more users for their cloud based services, including Microsoft and Google. There is a host of other features integrated into the new Mac OS X, in conjunction with iOS that the users will find really helpful in this version.

Apple devices have generally been hostile towards most security threats, be it a computer monitoring software, a cell phone tracker, or any other malware or virus. The new Gatekeeper security technology aims to keep this new Mac operating system stronger than ever against any security threats.

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