The all seeing Golden-i from Motorola

Motorola’s headset Golden-i is being slated for released for law enforcement agencies along with implementation into the medical field. While the dynamics mirror those of the Google glass project (and it’s not surprising considering who owns Motorola at the moment, to begin with) the functionality of the Golden-i is slightly different. Given its interesting functionality, some are questioning whether the Golden-i’s existence will be all peaceful or if it’ll be another step in the world of tracking.

All’s well in paradise?

The headset has an inch large display and can help user surf the internet or play videos. However, its main purpose lies in the specialized tasks that it’s meant to perform, which is where the medical and law enforcement side of things play in. Since it runs on Verizon, a representative from the company helped demonstrate how the Golden-i would work during the Consumer Electronics Show held last month. The demo involved locating a missing child through the Golden-i which helped make the situation cleared by outlining a map of the building, and through access to the security cameras in the area. While this sounds impressive, one has to wonder whether there’s a potential for misuse. We live in a world plagued by cell phone spy apps, pc monitoring software and other privacy invading diseases, and given the nature of the tasks  the Golden-i is meant to perform it can help take privacy invasion to a whole new level – both in the hands of those who are meant to wield it, and in the hands of those that have no business using it.

Sound the alarm bells?

At present the Golden-i is still in development phase and it remains to be seen what other functionality is added to it before release. Whenever it’s released it will be a huge life saver for both law enforcement agencies and medical centers, however, the manner in which it’s used will be of prime importance. Earlier this year law enforcement agencies came under fire for tracking criminals without warrants which subsequently led to it being made illegal. Something that can pull out maps and lay out blueprints can help but there needs to be a definitive boundary set in place so that the privacy of those involved, along with innocent bystanders is not trampled on. The device has a camera attached to it which users can use to make videos as they go along. It could make any peeping Tom the talk of the town. How would anyone go up to someone using the Golden-i to confirm what they’re doing with it? The best part is that even though it’s meant for specialized tasks the device is all set to be released to the average consumer who can do what he/she pleases with it.

While it could save lives the Golden-i could prove to be a Pandora’s box. If we had to weight the good against the bad we would chose the good, but measures need to be introduced to somehow keep it in check.

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