Man Falls Asleep on Airport Baggage Belt and Goes Through X-Ray Machine

Everyone knows that airports are a giant pain in the ass, and that most adults would rather deal with a busy Chuckee-Cheese than a busy airport. But dealing with long flights with even longer layovers is almost a right-of-passage to some people, even if it means sitting in an uncomfortable, upright position for hours behind a fat guy with gas, and in front of a kid practicing his soccer kick over and over, or dealing with that pesky airport security, barefoot next to your luggage, in a line with 200 other barefooted people. Those lines can get so tiresome that it can be tempting to just lay down and take a nap! And that’s just what one Norwegian tourist did recently.

A newly popular image of a man going through the X-ray machine on a baggage claim at Rome’s Fiumicino airport is getting quite a bit of Internet attention in the last couple of days. The man in question has remained anonymous, but apparently traveled 15 minutes and nearly 160 feet on a conveyer belt and through security X-ray machines before being noticed.

Notwithstanding the fact that this raises a few security safety issues, this is apparently not that unheard of. Crazy, right? Similar incidents have been reported happening from drunkards and people who have psychological disabilities. And, even in this case, that seems to hold true, for the man was discovered to be drunk, holding his backpack and a beer.

Other than getting a few laughs and head scratches, this sort of thing would definitely be one of the more interesting things to watch happen at the airport. Via: Yahoo News