Skype’s Founders May be Planning a Netflix Competitor: Vdio

Just in case you’re still not satisfied with the services that Neflix has been offering you, another competitor is coming into the picture. Since Netflix didn’t have any competitors that could match their services, no one really had any options to jump for. But thanks to the founders of Skype, Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, you may now have other options.

The entrepreneurs have launched services like KaZaA, Skype, Rdio, and Joost, and if they play their cards right they may be able to launch Vdio with enough success to take it to the top rankings. The video service is going to start off in the UK before it’s brought over to the US but from the website, you can see images of the Dark Knight, Mad Men, and other movies that makes the service look very appealing. There is still no time as to when the service will launch, but we’ll find out soon enough., another

Via GigaOM