Senators Want to Ban Facebook’s Co-Founder from America Forever

Eduardo Saverin the Co-Founder of Facebook is about to get owned by a couple of Senators, Chuck Shumer and Bob Casey, they want to permanently kick him out from the country.

In case you’re not familiar with the news, Saverin threw away his US Citizenship and moved over to Singapore, once facebook goes public he’s going to make more than enough money to keep him, his family, and his family’s family “rich” for a very long time. He’s supposed to pay 30% of the money he gains to the government in taxes, but now that he’s no longer a citizen of the US of A, he doesn’t have to pay a single dime of his money to anyone.

So now, the senators are trying to make it impossible for him to ever be able to set foot in the USA ever again. If he comes into the US, they will kindly tell him to get back on the plane and go back home. But, who cares really, if I had enough money to just sit back and enjoy my life in other countries, I’d do it too. According to the senators, any money that Saverin still has in the US is going to be taxed extremely high.

The senators believe that he used the American People to become extremely wealthy, and now that it’s time to pay back his dues, he’s turning his back on the people and revoking his rights as an American.

Who needs him here anyway 🙁  Via: Gizmodo image: Jason Kempin/Getty