New Facebook App Lets You Sell Weed?

Facebook games keep on getting better, and better, each year, now they have this game, a combination between Sims and Farmville. We all know you are getting tired of playing “THE” farmer in your Farm Town. The game just doesn’t have enough swag, plus even Oregon Trail had more action than Farmville… OH SNAP! MY POTATOES ARE DONE!!! So… are you ready to live life on the edge? then you might consider  joining the criminal world! The choice is yours, you can become a hip farmer, or you can become the king ping you’ve always wanted to be!

According to Mashable, Weeds Social Club launched Monday in closed beta, it’s a game that allows you to grow and sell weed from your home— although the first 50 people to click here gain access — from Ecko|Code. The game will not be fully launched until August.

So what’s so special about this game? well, once you download the application you are given one task, to raise money by selling pot so you can save your house. Now this game doesn’t show you how to grow it, instead it just tells you when you need to sell it, and when you need to pay your organized crime taxes, it also lets you decide your run-ins with the police and other similar acts associated with this illusive business.

You will play as Nancy Botwin, and if you play your cards right, you will be able to play out the full show via your social character. I can only assume that your friends will also be able to play along by becoming your customers, but I guess we’ll have to wait until August to see what Ecko has in store for this game.

Via: Mashable