Facebook Cracking Down on Spam Video Apps

If you’re anything like me, then you are probably annoyed by the videos that appear on your social feed that say – X and Y watched this video on SocialCam – the only problem is that the video is often times a youtube video that has been renamed to trick people into clicking the link.  Another important difference is that in order to watch it, you need to install the SocialCam or Viddy application which automatically posts the video you watched on the news feed. Basically, it’s a spam app that tricks you into watching stuff and annoys the living life out of your friends.

Now, facebook is trying to put a stop to that by adding a couple of guidelines to the application’s that use the Open Graph – Video apps must now inform you that they auto-share and provide an option to opt out on the page where a video is watched.

The actual guidelines state that: “You must provide users with the ability to remove any video stories you publish to Facebook, and include this option on the same page where you host the video content” and “Youmust give the user clear, ongoing, and in-context messaging that their watch actions will be published on Facebook.”

Once you see the sign that says: “You are about to post – Justin B. is fights off angry mom crowd – on your facebook wall” you can quickly decline the action and shut down the post. Now all we need is for someone to find a way to stop – Like this and Share if you agree that Red is beautiful.  Via: TechCrunch