It is Okay for You to Sue Facebook Because You Liked Something

Facebook is all over the internet, every single area of the net has some sort of “like” button in the page for you to like what you’re seeing or reading. Earlier today a California judge ruled that it is okay for you to sue Facebook for showing your picture in an ad.

According to the plaintiffs in this lawsuit, they are being “economically injured by the misappropriation of their names, photographs, and likes” when everyone in their wall can see that they liked a brand, a drink, or a place.

Here is the thing, if I saw my name and picture on an advertisement for a brand that I like, I would be more than honored to be on that TV spot! I would have a party and have all my friends over waiting for that ad to broad cast again. Why? Because I LIKE the brand! Facebook already lined up their lawyers and responded with a simple line – They are covered by California’s newsworthiness exemption. Which is true, no one is forcing you to click or thumbs up a story, it’s your own fault you clicked on a like button to have it show up in your “news feed” to begin with.

Every site has “like” buttons, when you click on the like, it’s going to show up on your feed almost immediately. This action is public, and anyone is going to be able to see that you like that new cologne by Britney Spears, or that one weird website that you visit all the time. If you don’t want facebook to show these stories on your wall, don’t like them.  This has the same weight as you going on your facebook wall and saying “I love to kill baby seals” and then suing facebook because they allowed your friends to see that status.

You need to remember that facebook is a curated website, anything that you write on the site is going to be remembered for the rest of the internet’s existence. When I click a “like” I’m not wanting to keep it secret, as a matter of fact, it’s the contrary – I want all my friends to see that I like puppies – I wanted my wife to see that I liked Zales and Engagement rings.

Facebook is not faking our likes, it is up to us to determine whether or not we want to tell the world we like something. If you go to an adult website and click on the like button, you’re doing it for one of two reasons. 1) you want the world to know you’re into that site. 2) you support the website enough to tell all your friends about it.

Plain and simple, if you like a page, a brand, a drink, an object, and you click on Like you are now responsible for the click. If you didn’t want your opinion known, then stop clicking the damn blue buttons- Via: Bloomberg