A “Failed” Future Prediction According To 1956

Every year or so, someone comes up with a set of predictions that are supposed to inspire us, and give us some sort of goals for the future. Like the whole Flying car, we all know what happened with that. But at the time, it inspired the engineers to be the first ones to create this flying contraption. It created some sort of “race” to see which startup company would be offering the first vehicle by the year 2000.

Pushing flying cars to the side, other people give out predictions about the economy, wars, peace times, and accidents that are going to happen. The Image to the left reads:

The Year is 1990, The World Is At Peace War And Crime Have Been Eliminated.

Sadly, the image was supposed to symbolise a time of peace and serenity… and we haven’t seen either one of those times. I guess we can always change the year: The Year is XXXX The World Is At Peace War And Crime Have Been Eliminated : and just keep on changing the year until We no longer exist. As long as Humans are alive, War and Crime are always going to be a problem…farmthis, a Reddit User, couldn’t of have said it any better: The year is 2012. War is an essential economic driver and never-ending. Prisons are privatised and for-profit. “crimes” are handed out like candy at a parade.