Sperm Can Be Stored In Female Bodies For Years

People say that regardless of how much planning you do you will never be ready for a baby, and maybe that’s true, sometimes babies can come at inopportune times. But imagine getting a call 15 years after having sex with an Ex-Partner and her saying – hey you have have a 4 year old son that wants to meet you.

The Human body can only store sperm for 3-5 days, its not necessarily a “storage” period, its more of a delay on fertilization, but what if females had their own personal storage pocket? What if this pocket was like a sperm bank so she could get pregnant when she felt she was ready?

This isn’t something out of a book, researchers found that many females in the natural world possess the ability to store sperm in periods that range from a few weeks, to over 30 years. So far scientists have found birds, insects, whale sharks, and even some reptiles that can store the sperm for years. The Queen ants can store the sperm for up to 30 years before it begins to fertilize their eggs and start a colony.

Dr. Klaus Reinhardt from the University of Sheffield has a new study, published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, which found that female crickets are able to store sperm within by slowing the sperm’s aging process to prolong its viability. The scientists found that both the metabolic rate and the level of free radicals of stored sperm were much lower than that of un-stored sperm. By dampening the aging process, females can keep sperm alive almost indefinitely.

I’ve heard some stories in the past about women who get pregnant after their husband dies, or the ones that get pregnant in the middle of her husband’s deployment to a conflict, these women claim that their bodies stored the sperm… maybe there is some truth behind it all… maybe they did not cheat on their husbands and looked for an excuse to not look bad…  Yea who am I kidding, until someone can prove this to me, I’m not going to a Maury Show 30 years after having sex with anyone. Via: PhsyOrg