Little Kid Pulling a Tooth Using a Toy Nerf Gun

What happens when the wife is away? Well, this father films his son pull a tooth off his mouth using a Nerf gun, this kid ties a string to his tooth, and then attaches the other end of the string to his Nerf Bow Gun. He then loads the gun using his foot and aims away – You have to pay close attention because this happens to fast that you will miss the actual extraction moment.

I don’t think he felt any pain either, he was concerned about it hurting but after shooting he says – “it woiked” – which translates into “I can’t believe this freaking worked!” the same can’t be said for this little girl who can’t deal with the pain. I love how the mother walks her through the whole process – “give it some slack!” if you wait till the 1:56 mark you can hear the most demonic laugh from her mother – “YEEEESSSS MUAH HA HA”