Giles Corey Was a Real Badass in History

You probably have no idea as to who this guy is, but in the 1690’s this old man died in a  form of torture where they would place stones above your body until you were “pressed” to death. Giles was a farmer, but in 1692 Ann Putnam, Jr., Mercy Lewis, and Abigail Williams, accused him of witchcraft.

Ann Putnam claimed that on April 13, the specter of Giles visited her and asked her to write in the Devil’s book. She also claimed that a ghost appeared to her and told her that Corey had murdered him. Really, this was all a scam, the girls would call witchcraft on a farmer, the state would then come in and try to kill the farmer UNLESS they turned over the rights of the land to another person – in this case Giles neighbour.

The court was going to take Giles to trial, find him guilty of witchcraft, kill him, then take his land and give it to the neighbour. At the time, the only way to do this is if a person declares themselves Guilty or Innocent. Since Giles never declared either one of them, on September 17, Sheriff George Corwin led Corey to a pit in the open field beside the jail and in accordance with the law, before the Court and witnesses, stripped Giles of his clothing, laid him on the ground in the pit, and placed boards on his chest. Six men then lifted heavy stones, placing them one by one, on his stomach and chest. Giles Corey did not cry out, let alone make a plea.

After two days, Giles was asked three times to plead innocent or guilty to witchcraft. Each time he replied, “More weight.” More and more rocks were piled on him, and the Sheriff from time to time would stand on the boulders staring down at Corey’s bulging eyes. Robert Calef, who was a witness along with other townsfolk, later said, “In the pressing, Giles Corey’s tongue was pressed out of his mouth; the Sheriff, with his cane, forced it in again.”

Three mouthfuls of bread and water were fed to the old man during his many hours of pain. Finally, Giles Corey cried out “More weight!” and died. Supposedly, just before his death, he cursed Sheriff Corwin and the entire town of Salem. Since Corey refused to plead, he died in full possession of his estate, which would otherwise have been forfeited to the government. It passed on to his two sons-in-law, in accordance to his will.” and THAT’S why Giles Corey was a total Bad Ass in history. Via: Wikipedia