The Army had a real working AT-AT that could kick Jeeps out of the way

A while ago we posted a story about a flying “Pod” that could carry a soldier on it’s back at 60 miles per hour, that pod was made in the 1970’s for the U.S. Army before they ran out of money and moved on to a better thing.

But did you know that in the 1960’s the U.S. Army also had a working AT-AT? it was made by General Electric and it was operated by a human being at it’s core. The operator would have 4 hydraulic cables attached to his limbs, as the operator moved his right hand, the right front leg of the AT-AT moved forward, the same went for the other legs.

The vehicle was able to walk through “rough” terrain and it could even kick Jeeps out of the way, yet, it was accurate enough to step on a light bulb without crushing it. The “Walking Truck” was called Cybernetic Anthropomorphous Machine (CAM) it was made in 1865 as an experimental vehicle. The only problem is that after 15 minutes of operation, the driver would get “mentally” exhausted trying to figure out what leg to move next.

The CAP controlled by a bunch of levels and cables could move it’s 11 foot tall legs fast enough to travel at 35 miles per hourĀ  and could carry up to a quarter-ton on it’s back across swamplands, rocky terrains, and deserts. Unfortunately, the Army ran out of money for the program and there was only one CAM ever built. And now the AT-AT sits at the Army Transpiration Museum at Fort Eustis after it was brought back to life from it’s tomb inside a Detroit Warehouse.

Check out the video below, and now I’m just wondering, if they have the flying Pod, the AT-AT what else did they have that they gave up on?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMGCFLEYakM]