These Humanoid Robots Fighting and Playing Soccer is Strangely Amusing

You may not see sparks flying out of these robots after every hit, and the robots may not have elaborate weapons like their bigger and faster counterparts – Battlebots, but these are actually pretty interesting to watch fight.

The event took place in Japan on Christmas day at the Buddhist Hall in Tsukiji, Tokyo in a Robot Pro Wrestling Event. The two robots on the video above are the Nagare Gold and the Thunderbolt. The robot in the background is the referee. The video was uploaded by Robots-Dreams and is one of the many videos they have on their youtube channel. They have everything from running, to soccer playing robots – the video at the bottom is an embed of their soccer match.

Okay so the fight is a bit slow, there were no swords flying around, and the robots weren’t as cool as transformers, but one of the bots did have a secret weapon – a canon that KO’d the other bot out cold.

I love how the referee gets don on one knee and gives the count down when the robot when down. Here is a hint, if you’re rooting for the gold guy, you may want to wait till the 5:50 mark in the video to see Thunderbolt pull out his cannon. I’m not exactly sure where he shot it from, but I’m guessing it was from one of his eye balls. Regardless, he totally owned Nagare Gold!

Then in the video below we had a classic soccer match final, it was just as amusing as the fight. In this match, they paired up in teams of 3 and went head to head. The 3:3 robot soccer competition came down to the US vs. Japan in the match to determine who would go home with the gold medal. At the end, the Japanese dominated the game with their superior leg splitting robots. There were a few intense moments in the match though – the US even had the crowd going for a while but the other team played with pride and took the Medal.