How to Throw an Awesome Fourth Of July Party when Money is NOT an Option

Having a Fourth of July party it’s all about celebrating the American Independence and celebrating the American way of life! and what better way of celebrating American Patriotism than showing off that you have reached the awesome American Dream! You know, the one where you make $200 bucks an hour for working from home. Here is a quick list of gadgets and gizmos that you need this fourth of July to show off that Money is NOT an Option for you!

For starters, if you are going to throw a party you will need to have someone to serve the alcohol, but at the same time, you want your alcohol servers to have fun as well. That’s where this little guy comes into the equation, Beer Me UP, Robot will cover your alcohol needs without having a tender secluded away from all the fun. This also eliminates those drunken wives and girlfriends smacking up with the bartender in the back.

For a mere $400,000 you can have your very own robotic tender, the robot was created by Willow Garage, a robotics studio in silicon valley with one thing in mind, beer me up, they called the robot the PR2 Beer-delivering Robot.

The robot has come a long way since the first version of the bot, the people at the Willow Garage added special functions, such as Holding your beer, opening your beer, delivering the beer, they even added a special fridge with a self stocking rack that allows the robot to make continuous deliveries of beer without having a human there to restock everything.

This bot, is only the beginning of what you need to get a party started. What’s the point of having a robot that delivers beer when you don’t have the beer to deliver?

The WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery solves the problem for you, for $5,660 you can have The WilliamsWarn Personal Brewing System from New Zealand.

It uses the same brewing methods as professional microbreweries, people who have purchased this brewer said that the taste rival the finest commercially sold brews. The process takes about seven days to create your brew, but the process appears to automated, with just a few minutes of attention required each day you can have a perfectly made brew.

You will have to find a way to put the beer into bottles so your beer me up robot can go out there and pick up the brew for you.  But if you don’t want to deal with that, the brewery has the ability to store the beer in your machine so it doubles as a Keg, and a Kegerator that will supply the beer at the perfect temperature every time, but the beer is just not enough, you also need to have a cooking suite.

Talos Outdoor Cooking Suite was Described by the New York Times as a “sprawling stainless steel temple,” the Talos Outdoor Cooking Suite is probably bigger than your backyard, which shouldnt be a problem considering you are buying a $35,000 Grill, it is a Grill and outdoors kitchen in One.

There aren’t many details about this grill, but a Frontgate person told the NY-Times the suite boasts a “searing station,” hardwood cutting board, a warming drawer and a bartender station with a built-in sink.

The grill alone is more than enough to drown your guests in the sweet water of their envy, but what can you cook on this amazing grill? well:

Kobe Beef Steaks of course, they are  known as Wagyu, and are perhaps the most expensive steaks in the world at $33.00 per ounce, or about $400 for an average size steak. The cows are treated to a better life than you will ever have, in your entire life. It comes from cows that are not only genetically predisposed to intensely marbled meat that is very high in fat, but they have a special diet that is supposed to improve that marbling beyond anything any other beef can achieve.

To keep their meat tender, producers massage the muscles of their cows and treat them like royalty until their meat is perfect.

Any great celebration needs to have a sort of entertainment. On the Fourth of July the main entertainment is of course the Fireworks, but before that grand moment, you need to have some sort gadget to keep your guest busy.

The Grand Enigma by Kharma will fit the bill just fine for this spot. Valued at 1,000,000 dollars for a set of speakers, these speakers will tear a hole through just about anything, including your pockets. There is apparently only 1 set of speakers in the world somewhere in Belgium, but if you could get your hands on one of them you know the whole town will know about it.

Of course the last part of the show is the fireworks, and unfortunately that can not be measured in money but in awesomeness, the most expensive Fireworks display belongs to Dubai go figure right? but the most “patriotic” display still belongs to Disney, their combination of water show,  fireworks, Smoke, and projectors makes for a very entertaining show for both children and grownups alike. If you live near the area you could enjoy taking your family to the display, but if you wanted hire your own Pyrotechnic company, you can start by visiting their guild!