Crack Head In His Underwear Steals Police SUV

I have seen my fair share of police videos throughout the years, but this is the first time I see a video of a crack head who steals a police vehicle in his underwear and speeds through the highway.

On Tuesday, Blackman-Leoni Township police released a video of a stolen police SUV that let officers on a wild one-of-a-kind police chase through three Michigan counties. Driving the vehicle was a gentleman named Ryan Ellion Cunningham, a 34 year old white male that escaped custody on Friday after he was placed under arrest for having a sawed off shotgun, and several components to make methamphetamine. He was placed in the rear of the vehicle but somehow managed to get to the front of the SUV and stole the Chevy Tahoe.

He figured out how to turn on the lights andĀ sirensĀ and sped through the interstate for about 75 miles. Police officers chased him in speeds exceeding 100 mph. He eventually crashed against vehicles that were stopped in a traffic jammed from what appears to be a road block by a police officer. He now has seven felony charges that include fleeing an officer, auto theft, three firearm charges, and two methamphetamine charges.