The Top Ten Places You are Not Allowed to Visit

There are places on Earth that civilians are not allowed to visit, most are military bases and installations, but some are hidden in plain sight, like the VIP center in Disney Land that has a decade long waiting list.

We already know the reasons as to why we can’t visit Area 51 or other military bases- they hold secrets that we’re not supposed to know about; like the not so super secret alien spaceship, or the next military plane.  I’m just curious as to what’s inside the Disney Land resort O_o what could be so secret that they don’t want us to visit?  The video listed above goes over every one of the places and shows you a satellite view of the location. Here is the list of these secret locations.

10 )  The RAF Menwith Hill in the Ukraine – This base is the worlds largest electronic monitoring site. If a missile is about to launch, or launches anywhere in the world, these is the sight that’s going to detect the launch well before anyone else.

9 ) Club 33 Disneyland in California – An exclusive members only club for VIPs located in the center of Disneyland. The waiting list to access the club has a decades long waiting period.

8 ) Bohemian Grove in California – An innocent looking campsite that only the most powerful people in the world can enter.

7 ) The Vatican Secret Archive in Vatican City – Most of the texts can be ordered up, but the “secret” archive means that the Pope has his own personal set of Texts. While you can order anything you want, no one is allowed to go inside – at least not unless you have connections.

6 ) Laxcaux Caves in France – They are covered in Paleolithic cave art, only a very select few number of scientists can enter the caves.

5 ) Pine Gap in Australia – The only area in Australia that is marked as Prohibited and actually enforces the entrance to any citizen on land or air. Not even planes flying over the area can enter unless they are flying over 18,000 feet above the base.

4 ) Metro 2 in Moscow Russia – This is the secret underground metro system in Russia, built by staling for the Russian secret service.

3 ) Room 39 in  Pyongyang in North Korea – This is allegedly a government controlled front for drug dealing and smuggling.

2 ) Mezghorye in Rusisia – Rumored to be the location of Russia’s dead hand nuclear missile site. At any given time, there are two battalions stationed in the base to keep praying eyes away.

Ofcourse, this list would not be complete without the American Super Secret military installation.

1 ) Area 51 in Nevada USA – This location is so secret that there are hundreds of conspiracies around the military installation.

Many of these places may not hold anything in them, but just because citizens are not allowed to enter the locations makes them the topic of discussion for many conspiracy theorists. Area 51 probably has nothing more than experimental air planes, but when there is doubt, people assume different things:

Observation – No citizen is allowed inside Area 51
Conclusion – They are holding Alien space crafts.

You see ho that makes sense?