Bad Lip Reading is way more awesome than Auto-Tune

Remember when Autotuning the news was awesome? Everyone started doing it, the videos got old and boring after the first few that came out. A new hype has been coming along since the olden days – 4 months ago – which if you know anything about the internet, in 4 months you go though several generations of hypes.

This new thing is called “Bad Lip Reading” and just recently the online group known as BLR has just released the video above:

“We’ve been out of brownies, rice and we miss pork chops in summer. And that’s why Beefaroni, garlic, peanut butter, ice cream, purple flowers, the hope would smash my windows.”  the “leader of the free world” was this week’s victim in a hilarious parody video clip titled “Trick the Bridesmaid” just recently they had Rick Perry:

“what’s good is getting these goats for our computer industry.” He also dives into rambling sentences about food, including Doritos, tamales, and ice cream.

The amazing part about this group is how accurate they make songs to fit perfectly with what the “victim” is saying. Check them out, but here is a fair warning, most of the videos are a little foul mouthed so be careful when you watch them.