Frog Playing With iPhone – Not as Cute as the Dragon but Still Funny

Every once in a while there are these crazes that rush through the internet like wild fire, remember planking, owling, coning, and that other craze that failed where people pretended to be decapitated? Well, there is a new one that was started off by a video of a bearded dragon playing Ant crusher.

This is not very different than the dragon, except that this smart mass was playing with an African bull frog. Unlike the dragon that used nothing but it’s tongue, this bull frog used his face against the screen. We, humans, find it funny, the frog… not so much.  This poor frog fails so many times that he finally has enough and tries to eat a guy’s finger.

African bull frogs are aggressive and are known to eat small rodents or even birds, but I doubt it has enough power in its jaws to cut off a finger, none of the less, still funny to watch – especially when you don’t see it coming.