QR Codes on Athletes’ “Bottoms” to get more attention

I’ve watched Volleyball before, I have no idea of how to play it, or even what the rules are, but women’s volleyball is an awesome “spectators” sport. I’ve never even seen what brand of volleyball they use or what kind of nets they use, but that doesn’t mean that advertisers don’t have places to advertise on.

For the most part, you have girls in swimming trunks jumping around hitting a ball, so the advertisement spots are extremely limited. So what better way to advertise and get your message across than putting a QR code on the athletes bottoms.

Here a problem thought, if you want to see what they are advertising you need to walk up to the volleyball athlete and take a picture of her rear, if it doesn’t work the first time, then you need to get her to stretch out her underwear so the phone can take a clear image of the QR Code. Either that, or the photographers will now have a “legitimate” reason to take close up shots of the girls rears. They could also pose for you in a pose like the image below.

Zara Dampney, 24, encourages spectators to photograph her behind as she signs a deal with Betfair

Just in case you are wondering, the QR link sends you to Betfair, a prominent betting site. This move is going to cause one of three things.

1) cause a spike in volleyball and perverts around the world.
2) cause a whole bunch of divorces.
3) betting addiction is going to increase across the world.

These girls are actually trying to get people in UK to recognize Volleyball as a sport, they feel that if the US and Brazil recognize volleyball as a sport, the UK should do the same. The only reason they are allowing Betfair to advertise on their rears, is because of the lack of advertisers found in UK. They want to have a chance at the London 2012 Olympics and they feel that this is going to be the Iconic Location to revolutionize the way their sport is seen in the UK.

Good luck girls, I’m sure many people will be watching.

Via: Dailymail