His Helmet is better than your mom’s Helmet!

So get this guy, he found an old military helmet at lord knows where and he completely scrapped it apart. The helmet came with pre-installed speakers and microphone for communications int he battlefield, and he modified the whole thing to communicate with the video game system instead.

The only problem is that I think the helmet may be a little heavier than normal and not to practical, but for a home made project this thing is pretty sweet. Now we all just need to go by an old army navy store and find a surplus helmet bin and get it all together. You can learn more about it by visiting Make Magazine, or follow this link right here! and check everything this thing comes equipped with, a Blue tooth, a speaker, a head set, and lastly it comes with this *I quote*

‘—…a complete second circuit integrated to output to an RF-wireless headset that is also routed through the original system’s speakers. The combination allows for a unique helmet that allows me to both have the ambient video-game sounds as well as chat-communications integrated into a single helmet for gaming, but also allows me to use it as a regular bluetooth, radio, or wireless headset form the TV when the wife isn’t awake yet.—‘


Now THAT is innovative!