iPad 2 Dual Screen Video Game

Nintendo made a couple of big waves int he gaming industry a couple of days ago when they introduced the Wii U, a control that had a touch screen that could show you something different than what was being displayed on your Television.
Today, Apple beat Nintendo to the punch… that’s right Apple, the iPad will allow wireless gaming using the AirPlay when the new iOS5 comes in. All you need to do is plug in your iPad to your television and you’re set.
The iPad’s screen will provide you with a course map, while the television will show you the video game screen. But the new system goes further than just racing games, you can actually display many different types of applications.That is, if you have an Apple Tv plugged into your television.  So the iPad is not that great of a controller since you don’t have any buttons, but still It makes you wonder how it’s all going to work out. If you don’t feel like waiting till next year You can jump on board and get an iPad before the Wii U comes out… I think this might be the first time Apple beats any video game console to the punch… I could be wrong.

Via TG Daily